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The Colorado Keg House

Broomfield's Best Bar for Beer!

Thanks for reading our blog! Here you can learn about upcoming events, new beers on tap, and other Colorado Keg House news. 

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Today's New Beers

Most beers on tap in Denver - Broomfield's Colorado Keg House

Colorado Keg House, Broomfield's best bar with 75 beers on tap is proud to announce some new beers on tap:

Odell Fee Fi Fo Fum

Ursula 11 Iron Men Blood Orange

Ska Modus Mandarina

Crystal Springs 6 Mile

4 Noses Brewing Company Raspberry Bareback Blonde

Ursula Iron Man Triple IPA

Wiley Roots Super 77 Wheat

Renegade Pancakes

Odd 13 Codename: Holidayfan

Upslope Craft-Lager

Odd 13 Blucifer

Weldwerks Beta Bits

Make sure to stop by Colorado Keg House often, as we have an ever-changing rotating list of beer on tap. Looking for something specific? Let us know, we love getting your suggestions on beers to feature at our Broomfield bar.

View our current list of ALL the beers we have on tap on our Beer On Tap page »

You can even download our very own Colorado Keg House iPhone App or Android App so you can quickly check what we have on tap anytime.


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