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Thanks for reading our blog! Here you can learn about upcoming events, new beers on tap, and other Colorado Keg House news. 

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Broomfield Bar with Colorado Distilleries

Broomfield Bar with Colorado Distilled Spirits

We are now rotating spirits from Colorado distilleries including Gin, Vodka, Bourbon/Whiskey, Rum, Moonshine and Tequila.

Just like our beer we will be rotating the selection, so as one runs out we will bring in another from a different Colorado distiller.

Our first lineup includes spirits from:

Spring44 Distilling, Montanya Distillers, Mad Rabbit Distillery, Whistling Hare Distillery, Spirit Hound Distillers, Mile High Spirits - Denver's Distillery, Breckenridge Distillery, Leopold Bros., Arta Tequila, Vapor Distillery, Old Town Distilling Co. Organic Spirits,Dancing Pines Distillery, Caos Tequila.


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